Introducing Antengo

It’s time to raise your anttenna one last time. Just like that, we are now officially “Antengo,” and we love it! The new identity marks an important milestone for the first-ever mobile/real-time classifieds service. We are growing up. I’d peg us at just entering puberty…our voice is changing, and we’re about to impress a lot of girls with the new image. As soon as we get through puberty and grow into our new brand, we’ll be rolling out all kinds of big product improvements, in addition to some entire new products.

For now, the new iPhone app is basically the same as before, minus some of the text and our slogan, “Finally, real-time classifieds.”

Antwan is still our mascot and roaming the streets of San Diego. Stay tuned for more free stuff and exciting announcements that will take mobile microlistings to the next level.

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Thanks for all your support thus far.