Antengo Launch with MDA Seattle

Yesterday, Antengo launched its campaign with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in Seattle for their annual Fill-the-Boot fundraising campaign. Since 1954, the International Association of Fire Fighters has teamed up with MDA for their Fill-the-Boot campaigns. Fire fighters volunteer their time – and boots – to collect donations at various locations in different cities and neighborhoods across the country. Washington State began their campaign in May, with Seattle holding their two day event over July 15th & 16th.

Now, how does Antengo get involved in something like this? Location, of course!

This year, the MDA has teamed up with Antengo to post listings of each of their Fill-the-Boot locations throughout Seattle. Antengo brings a community-focused technology to a long-standing tradition by raising awareness of donation locations. For July 15th & 16th, we’ve got nearly 30 listings showing the closest donation center to you. People with the mobile application simply have to search in the “Donate”, “Volunteer”, or “Lend-a-Hand” categories to find one of the many location postings around them.

At Antengo, we are proud of our community-driven postings, look for more in your area soon!

For the full press release, go to Press Release at Mobility Wire